Accelerating Wind Power Deployment in Pakistan: Capacity Building and Policy Options

Accelerating Wind Power Deployment in Pakistan: Capacity Building and Policy Options

20 December 2016 by Zeeshan Ashfaq
Heinrich Bӧll Stiftung, Pakistan
Place of Publication: Islamabad
Date of Publication: 19-12-2016
Number of Pages: 28
License: All rights reserved.
Language of Publication: English

Table of contents:


Preface by the World Wind Energy Association                        I

Preface by Heinrich Böll Stiftung                                             II

Executive Summary                                                                   III

Acknowledgments                                                                     IV

Section A: Study Context                      1

Introduction                                                                             1

Status of Wind Energy in Pakistan                                             3  

Purpose and Background of the Study                                      3

Research Methodology                                                             4

Limitations of the Study                                                           5

Capacity Building Framework                                                   5  

Section B: Findings and Discussion                                                              7

Private Sector Perspective                                                        7

Public Sector Perspective                                                         9

Section C: Overcoming Lack of Capacities: Policy Implications           11

Renewable Energy Integration                                                  11

Renewable Energy Costs & Tariff Determination                       12

Financial Modelling                                                                  14

Capacity Building Workshop                                                     15

Bibliography                                                                                                          16