Call for Abstracts ll: Deadline 31st May

Call for Abstracts ll: Deadline 31st May

Regional Civil Society Engagement in Green Dialogs

Promoting Peace and Stability through Equitable Natural Resource Management

Transcending Regional Tales

Call for Abstracts

The Afghan and Pakistani governments don’t seem to draw lessons learned and utilize and unite neighbourly capacities but instead tend to cling on to historically established narratives about each other that override any joint move towards a forward looking process. It is this nearly habitual repetition of old views, often wrong believes and well established conspiracies played back and forth between the regional countries that commonly keeps actors from civil society, academia and media from establishing a productive dialog and drawing up a new regional vision. The main objective of ‘Transcending Regional Tales’ is to initiate and inspire new ways of thinking about regional relationships. This should happen by transcending the stalled political parameters of mutual distrust and enmity between people in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Under the umbrella of the project ‘Civil Society Engagement in Regional Green Dialogs’, the Heinrich Böll Stiftung (hbs) with its offices in Kabul and Islamabad is encouraging to let go of nourishing well-known historically established narratives about each other by deconstructing ‘regional tales’ and open new windows by re-imagining past, present and future differently.

We therefore invite writers from Afghanistan and Pakistan to contribute a text that is imaginative, brings in personal reflections and develops own ideas how new forms of relationships could look like in the future and why it is important to change the present discourses. The format is left open; it could be a short story, essay, commentary or even poetry.

Topics to reframe narratives could be regional cooperation on political, economic or ecological levels, conspiracy theories or the influence of neighbouring countries to bring stability to the region. Also a definition of sustainable peace, opportunities for women movements to transcend political distrust or common challenges like climate change, urbanization, water and energy security or radicalization and insurgency could pose thematic areas to develop new imaginations of Afghan-Pakistani relations.

Please note that under this call we don’t look for academic papers such as policy recommendations or research articles!

The texts should be of 1.000 to 2.000 words. The time for writing will be six weeks. Writers will receive a nominal honorarium. The texts will be published in the Regional Green Dialog web dossier on the websites of hbs Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Please submit your abstract of about 200 words, explaining briefly the outline of the intended text, along with a CV to until 31st May 2017.