Unseating Political Patriarchy A Toolkit for Debate and Action

Unseating Political Patriarchy A Toolkit for Debate and Action

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19 May 2017
Heinrich Böll Stiftung
Place of Publication: Islamabad
Date of Publication: 2016
Number of Pages: 41
Language of Publication: English

The past fifteen years of quota-induced increase in female representation and participation in Pakistani politics still have not substantially addressed the disconnect between women’s increased presence in legislative bodies and their second-class citizenship status, i.e. gender-based cross-sectoral discrimination and deprivation, as visible in an overall categorisation as low human development, in
particular in gender-specific disaggregation and comparison, leading some to put a question mark on women’s empowerment through gender quotas.

Table of contents:


Introductory Remarks           5

Brief Overview of Quota Designs and Experiences Worldwide          11

How to Unseat Political Patriarchy? Spotlights on Experiences & Assessments of

Gender Quota Parliamentarians in Pakistan - Food for Thought on Debate and Action          20

Suggested Further Reading / Current Policy Reports          39