Performance of Ajoka’s play “Lo Phir Basant Ayee” (The Spring has returned)

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The play was staged to celebrate 30 years of Ajoka. The theatre group has always taken a stand against bigotry, extremism, violence against women and narrow-mindedness.

This performance is based on the story of a beautiful zinda-dil city where people believed that the walls built around the city would protect them from marauding invaders for all times. But the insidious enemy stealthily broke in, the gates disappeared and the city was held hostage from within by an enemy which is now stealing everything, their valuables, their values, their culture, their identity. Among the bewildered citizens is Ustaad Mauju whose family has been making delicate and colorful kites for the people of his city for centuries, a teacher who is being told what to teach and what not to, young lovers who cannot sit on the same bench in the college and the child who sees the “Raani” kite in his dreams and wants to fly with her up into blue sky. But the “Rok Tham Committee” is keeping very close watch. The spring has arrived but will Basant ever be celebrated again in the besieged city?

This play was a pleasant stare which entertained the audience through music and humor but also raised series of issues faced by the society in their daily lives. The performances were loudly applauded during the show and a standing ovation at the end.  The performances were well attended in spite of protest of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf next door and roads dug for Metro bus project.

Ms. Marion Mueller appreciated Ajoka’s wonderful performance and highlighted the strong and successful partnership between HBS and Ajoka for the last two decades. Ms. Mueller shared about the HBS vision and activities which promote culture, gender issues and awareness about peace concepts as well as environment related issues in Pakistan.

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